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Top 10 Best Hotels in Munnar

It is no doubt that Munnar has some of the best hotels in Kerala, the top most tourist destination in India. Munnar is the ranked as the best honeymoon destination only next to Ooty and the world-class hotels is an important reason why many couples choose to spend their first time together in Munnar. These designed and operated at the highest standards that turn out into a memorable experience which will linger in their hearts for many years.

Panoramic Gateway, the best hotel in Munnar has a helipad making way for luxury travelers to hire a helitaxi from Cochin and reach Munnar in just 30 minutes. Panoramic Gateway is remarkable is every way and there is no better spend a vacation in Munnar than choosing to stay here. For adventure tourists Tall Trees resort in Munnar offers a unique experience amidst the woods. Here is the list of top 10 best hotels in munnar READ THIS LIST ONE BY ONE FROM NUMBER 10

Hotels in Munnar are suitable for tourists traveling by public transport like bus as they are located near down town near bus stand. Munnar hotels offer the convenience of easy reach but are confined. The best ones however have the necessary luxury amenities that can keep the guests engaged. Most tourists perceive that luxury hotels as the best ones, but in Munnar tariif are fixed based on location as well. If you are traveling by private transport then the resorts though located far away from Munnar come with ample space for outdoor activities as well as the perfect environment to relax.

Munnar offers ample choice of hotels with various themes and styles. SilverTips, the boutique hotel based on bollywood theme is very unique designed with the aim aof attracting customers from North India. Even the restaurant is themed after the famous movie Mayabazaar.  If you are so particular about hotels with Swimming pool, there are very few options that charge a premium tariff just for this one facility. You will be amazed the ways Munnar hotels strive hard to enrich guest experience by standing apart at least in one service or amenity which you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Even with best of services, small hotels can still make you feel trapped in a cage, so it is wise to choose cottages or B&B inns which may lack the amenities of the hotel but they really offer better outdoor space and offer better tariff and packages. Among the hotels, Clouds Valley, a leisure hotel though stands on a small piece of land offers fantastic views all around.

Top 10 Best Hotels in Munnar

Unless you are super rich, choose hotels with room tariff between 2000 to 3000 rupees and offer complimentary breakfast. Always prefer a new hotel to the old ones as maintenance of properties are costlier in hill stations Most management spend hardly any money on furniture replacement or repainting making most budget properties appear outdated than they really are which spoils the holiday mood of the travelers. Grand Plaza is a new hotel with a budget tariff which offers more value for money. Hill View has nice meal plans along with accommodation for the right price. Emmel Dwellings is another hotel worth the try.

Hotels like Emerald Inn promise luxury stay without the necessary infrastructure or amenities that back-up a pleasant stay. Aida tourist home is suitable for bachelors especially because of its attractive tariff (Rooms start as cheap as Rs 1500 per night even during peak season)., Las Palmas and Sujatha Inn are budget properties that offer very less apart from a place to stay. Tea Castle and is a wonderful property surrounded by tea plantations. Capithan's bungalow is priced high owning to its location as it stands along the slopes of a valley.

Munnar being a honeymoon destination, most hotels do flower decorations and arrange candle light dinners even as part of honeymoon package. However, for optimal experience it is advisable for honeymooners to stick with reputed hotels with good reviews inn Tripadvisor and Google. Also use maps to make sure it is not very far from the downtown. Your vacation could become very boring if you don’t have your own transport and get stuck in a remote hotel room. Even evening walks in the bazaar can turn into a great experience.

Families with kids should opt for a spacious resort with enough open space and outdoor and indoor games as kids might easily get bored inside the confines of a hotel. So always choose the hotel that best suits your needs after researching online or talking to friends who had been there. Here we have listed the Top 10 best hotels in Munnar that have fared better based on our rating factors.

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